Seminaries 3TIN

Academiejaar 2022-2023

26 oktober 2022
  • Dataroots: Data/AI strategy (AI/all) meer info

  • Refleqt: Cypress BDD test automation setup (SWM/all) meer info

  • Secwise: Security Strategies (SNB/all) meer info

9 november 2022
  • Xplore Group: Flutter (AI/AON) meer info

  • iO Belgium: Automated Testing and Quality Assurance (AI/AON) meer info

  • Refleqt: Prepare your e-commerce platform for black Friday (SWM/all) meer info

16 november 2022
  • ACA Group: Accessibility & UX: Building Mobile Apps for All (AI/AON): meer info

  • ACA Group: Cloud Native Applicaties on AWS; GitOps in practice (AON/all) meer info

  • Deloitte: Salesforce (SWM/all) meer info

23 november 2022
  • Harmony Group: The rise of low code (AI/AON) meer info

  • PHPro: SEO-SEA-Analytics (AON) meer info

  • Cloudar: How to keep my systems up-to-date and secure (SNB/all) meer info

30 november 2022
  • Inetum-Realdolmen: Archimate; Enterprise architecture (all) meer info

  • Cegeka: Business Analysis & Project Management in Applied AI (AI/all) meer info

  • ACA Group: Unlock high-velocity teams with Jira Service Management (SWM/all) meer info

7 december 2022
  • Konsolidate: Solid (AON/SWM) meer info
  • IT Licious: Flutter (AON) meer info

  • Deloitte: Ethical Hacking (Offensive Cyber Security (SNB/all) meer info

14 december 2022
  • Easy: The role op Power Apps, the low code platform of Microsoft 365, in a modern workplace (AON/SWM) meer info 
  • Capgemini: Human capital Management (SMW/all) meer info 
  • Rank1: Client case: what we do with Azure AD/ Conditional Access/ Identities (SNB) meer info
11 januari 2023
  • Geen seminaries voor SWM wegens "Apollo Game" in het kader van de les IT Service Management

  • Solita: iPaaS (AON/all) meer info

  • Brainjar (AON/AI): ChatGPT and the future of IT  meer info
  • Politie: Forensics in practice (SNB/all) meer info