Seminaries 2TIN

Academiejaar 2021-2022 semester 2

1 maart 2022
  • Geen seminaries voor SNB en SWM wegens POP-sessies

  • Intracto; Clean Coding (AON) meer info

8 maart 2022
  • Geen seminaries voor AON wegens POP-sessies

  • Kabisa: Infrastructure as Code (SNB) meer info

  • Deloitte: An introduction to CRM, Salesforce and Agile project managemen (SWM / all) meer info

15 maart 2022
22 maart 2022
  • Solita: Layered API's (AON) meer info

  • Gluo: Infrastructure 2.0 (SNB) meer info

  • Cegeka: Business Analysis en Project Management in Applied AI (AON/SWM) meer info

29 maart 2022
  • Cegeka: Low Code (AON / SWM) meer info

  • Ericsson: Introduction to 5G (all) meer info

  • Craftworkz:: From idea to solution and basics UI/UX (all) meer info

19 april 2022
  • Easi: API-first web development using Laravel and Vue.JS (AON) meer info

  • Easi; From data to insights to business actions. All you need to know on business intelligence and data-driven strategy execution (SWM) meer info

  • Easi; Log4j: Attack & Defence (SNB) meer info

26 april 2022
  • NVISO; Web App testing (AON/SNB) meer info 

  • Refleqt: Front-end test automation met behulp van Cypress (AON/SWM) meer info

  • Inetum-Realdolmen: CSS Grid en Flexbox (AON) meer info 

3 mei 2022
  • Harmony Group: The rise of low code (AON) meer info 

  • Secwise: Cloud; the new frontline in Cyber Security and how to protect organisations (SNB) meer info

  • Inetum-Realdolmen: Initiatie in Change Management (SWM/all) meer info

10 mei 2022
  • RCCU: Forensics (all) meer info VOLZET

  • VMWare: Full stack Development (AON / SNB) meer info

  • Tobania: Case Study: Modernisering & automatisering (all) meer info

  • Inetum-Realdolmen: Enterprise Architecture / Archimate (all) meer info 

17 mei 2022
  • Appwise/Wisemen: Interactive web apps with Vue (AON) meer info

  • Cegeka: Agile Testing (AON/SWM) meer info

  • Cegeka: Effective Retrospectives - The Core of Continuous Improvement (AON/SWM) meer info

  • Accenture: Cloud Native Software Development (AON) meer info

24 mei 2022
  • ACA IT: The Wonderful World of Test Driven Design (AON/SWM) meer info

  • Craftworkz: Four F’s you should know when building a web app (Flutter, Firebase, Firestore, Flamelink) (AON) meer info

  • Tobania: API Testing (all) meer info

  • Delaware: Building a product: a deep dive into application lifecycle management (AON/SWM) meer info