I-Talent Seminarie: Selligent

Data Engineering & Data Science at scale

How would you process 100 Million emails every day and thousands of clicks every second, preferably in real time? All of this while providing guarantees about speed and correctness. Enter Big Data...

In this seminar you'll learn how data pipelines work from a development and operational perspective. We'll look into all challenges that come with Big Data processing such as: scalability, real-time data, correctness, etc. Cloud technology and a modern mindset will be featured as a way to tackle many of these. Finally, we'll explore the different roles/skills that you can find in a modern data team. 

After we have captured some data, it is your turn. You need to collaborate to answer critical business questions using lifelike data. We will teach you how you can do this yourself without burning up your laptops RAM (because that is probably in use your Chrome tabs).

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09u00 - 12u00

online via Zoom 

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