I-Talent Seminarie: Ordina

Building a mobile enterprise application with Xamarin.Forms, Docker, MVVM and .NET Core 

Mobile applications are getting more and more complex and the requirements for apps change all the time. It’s vital that we build a flexible and modern architecture, both in the app as well as in the backend. Amongst others, this means that applications need to be built out of several, smaller components that work together seamlessly.

In this session, we will explore an end-to-end architecture for building a modern enterprise mobile app and its backend. The app is built using Xamarin.Forms, based on the MVVM principles. This results in clear separation of concerns and promotes loose coupling, making changes to the functionality easier to test and implement. On the backend, the application talks with a microservice-based API, built with ASP.NET Core and hosted with Docker.

After this session, you will have a good idea how you can create modern mobile apps.

Mobile DevOps with Xamarin and VSTS

Writing the code for your next Xamarin project isn’t all that difficult. But the coding is only part of the job.

Using Visual Studio Team Services, it’s now easier than ever to set up continuous integration for your Xamarin app development to build and test your apps, including unit tests and UI tests. You can even integrate with the Xamarin Test Cloud to execute UI test for your apps on numerous devices, running in the cloud. You’ll learn how HockeyApp can help us with the distribution of the test versions of the app to our real testers and how you can monitor crashes while testing. Finally, we’ll learn about release management to create the packages ready for the different stores.

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      Datum: 13/12/2017

      Tijdstip: 9u00 - 12u30

      Locatie:@PXL-IT: B152