I-Talent Seminarie: Infofarm

Internet of Things

With the rise of the Internet of Things more real world data gets gathered. It is however of little use if this data does not get processed. In this seminar we will demonstrate you what you can do with IoT data as it arrives in real-time.

Key topics of the AI-lab:

  • Visualizing sensor data

  • Anomaly detection

  • Change detection

In this seminar the participants will discover some interesting and useful processing steps. Furthermore, participants will learn how to visualize streaming data and how to automatically detect anomalies in this data stream.

Voor welke groep studenten?


Aantal toegelaten studenten


Door Infofarm


Vereiste voorkennis

basics of Python (or other coding language)

      Voorbereiding voor de studenten

      Laptop with Anaconda (Python) and Jupyter Notebooks installed


      Datum: 12/12/2018

      Tijdstip: 9u00 - 12u00

      Locatie: @Corda 7: iClassroom