I-Talent Seminarie: ICapps

Conversational User Interfaces  (chatbots & voice UI)

In addition to Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) we are on the verge of starting to use Conversational User Interfaces (CUI). These are solutions that mimic a conversation with a real human. They allow the user to communicate with an application, computer or smartphone in their natural language rather than using a series of buttons, gestures and interface-specific elements.

Two representations of CUI are chatbots and voice-driven ‘smart assistant’ interfaces like Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, Siri (Apple) and Microsoft Cortana. Both are driven by server-side Machine Learning algorithms applying ‘natural language processing’ in order to determine the intent of something a user types or says.

At icapps, we are thrilled about the possible use cases with this new way of interacting with automated systems. We focus on building user experiences that work for the languages used in our regions (Dutch, French, English and German) and integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure of our customers.In this seminary, we explore the types, possibilities, advantages / disadvantages and things to keep in mind when developing conversational interfaces. Live demo's may apply

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      Datum: 16/01/2019

      Tijdstip: 10u00 - 12u00

      Locatie:@PXL, B151