I-Talent Seminarie: Axxes

Nieuwe ontwikkelingen (Neo4j, WebTC en andere)

Neo4j: An introduction to graph databases 

Graph databases aren't exactly new but aren't used as often as our regular relational databases. So what exactly are graph databases, why would I use them and how can I integrate them in my .NET application? 

WebRTC: An introduction to online video conferencing 

We've all been using online video conferencing tools over the past few months. Some of us use Teams, others use Zoom. 

Many of these platforms are built on WebRTC, even though we might not realize it, nor do we know how it works. In this session I'll introduce you to WebRTC, how it can be used and show you how to use it in a browser.

What you didn’t know we know… 

Privacy has been a much talked about topic for the past years. A lot of data is being collected by all kinds of companies. Machine learning can help us predict, categorize and draw conclusions. A huge chunk of data might allow us to know more about you than you do yourself. This has a lot of positives but also some drawbacks. 

You’ll learn about the different kinds of machine learning and which one to pick to fulfill your needs. 

Spreker:  Lode Kennes (.NET Consultant)

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