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Korte samenvatting van de stageopdracht:  

Solita is an international company that have several languages in use.  User are used to join community and exchange internationally but also locally. 

We are looking to set up a bot that could easily translate the content of our article. The technology would be to use one of the cloud provided service for machine learning. This could be done on Aws or other cloud provider 

The first step would be to come with a first comparison on the different possibilities and what service could be used and then start a first implementation.

The first challenge would be to figure out which service and cloud provider could be used that fits best our organization and security need

Then the second challenge will be to make that available for the end user and implement this bot. 

Third will be to find out what are the capacity of the cloud and how this could be configured to be adapted according to the location of the user.

Korte samenvatting van de onderzoeksopdracht:  

How is AI used in bots and what is de added value?

Deze stageopdracht is geschikt voor studenten uit de richting:

Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica - Applicatie Ontwikkeling (Keuzetraject Full Stack Development)


·         Investigate the different neural translation services using machine learning

·         Understand how to use them and the pro’s and con’s

·         Develop how the translated text can be found

·         Develop the security aspect 


·         Improve your own and Solita’s knowledge

·         Explore the AI and ML landscape

·         Design your own solution architecture with the help of your colleagues

·         Present your solution to our Belgium colleagues

             Must Have

·              Result oriented and creative

·              Good analytical and problem solving skills

·              Eager to learn, grow and take leadership 

Wat is geweldig aan de baan?

·         nice and cozy office (Nordic style)

·         unique work environment

·         open communication

·         the freedom you get to do the job

·         no 9 to 5 mindset

·         friendly atmosphere among colleagues  

Inleidende activiteiten/verwachtingen
 Vergoeding/tegemoetkoming in verplaatsingskosten


Locatie stage

 Philipssite 5B Leuven 


Jeroen Wanten 

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