PXL Smart-ICT: Micromobility- Tabletop Car Controller

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Korte samenvatting van de stageopdracht:  

The AI & Robotics Lab is conducting research to create a prototype solution for the problem of micromobility. This prototype involves an autonomous golf cart that can find its way around the Corda Campus.

Previous research and development of several Electronics colleagues resulted in a tabletop solution that simulates all important parts of the golf cart in a physical model that is made out of wood and custom components. The tabletop model - which can be compared to a sim racing setup - is fully functional and is able to pass on all necessary data to a connected microcomputer.

During this internship, you will firstly connect the tabletop model to a simulation environment to test all input sensors and their effects. Secondly, we have a working monitoring tool that can be connected to the golf cart to display all kinds of information about the cart in real-time. You will connect the tabletop setup to this monitoring tool as well. Lastly, you will enable remote driving with a model RC car using the tabletop setup. The RC car is built and ready to go, including most of the necessary software to drive it remotely. Your job is making the connection to build an awesome showcase for the PXL AI Hub.

Korte samenvatting van de onderzoeksopdracht:  

You will investigate which kind of communication and which framework is best used to ensure reliable and performant communication between the tabletop setup and the remote RC car. As the solution will later be used to drive the golf cart remotely, it’s important to know as much details as possible about this subject.

Deze stageopdracht is geschikt voor studenten uit de richting:

Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica - Applicatie-ontwikkeling (Keuzetraject AI & Robotics)
Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica - Applicatie-ontwikkeling (Keuzetraject Full Stack Development)

Verdere omschrijving van technische omgeving

Connecting the different components with each other will consist mainly of developing and adjusting ROS nodes. The simulation environment was built by other interns and runs in AirSim (Unreal Engine). Docker will be used to keep everything properly separated.

If any hardware support is needed, this will be provided by our Electronics colleagues.

Randvoorwaarden (rijbewijs, Engels, voorkennis, …)

ROS knowledge is required, so no time is lost at the start of the internship. Knowledge about autonomous driving or other related topics is a pro.

Thesis can be written in English, but this is not an absolute requirement, Dutch is an option as well.

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