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Korte samenvatting van de stageopdracht:

Training an AI-model to make it play a game is exciting, but what if we take it to the next level? In this internship, two junior-colleagues will develop the AI Battlegrounds platform, that enables users to upload their AI-models for simple board games - like tic tac toe, connect4, chess, checkers, Go, … - in a web-based interface. Afterwards, the platform will evaluate all models in an epic match-up and determine which one is best. The platform  then produces a ranking of all uploaded models and provides it to the frontend so users can view it. 

Furthermore, frontend users can start a game between two AI-players as a showcase, or can take on a specific AI-model in a AI vs human player matchup.

The resulting application will be displayed permanently in the PXL AI Hub at Corda Campus, on a touch screen display. You will make sure the complete project is optimized in terms of user experience and ease of use.

Korte samenvatting van de onderzoeksopdracht:

AON junior-colleague: 

The platform is meant to be an accessible showcase of AI-technology. In an ideal scenario, the frontend will be shown on a touchscreen to enable easy interaction. You will investigate good and bad practices for UX design on touchscreens and use your knowledge to create a user-friendly, feature-rich and clear user interface for the frontend component.

Furthermore, you will write clear instructions about how different games should be controlled on a touch-based device, so we can extend the range of games in a proper way.

AI junior-colleague

We want a service that can let AI-models play a match against each other as fast as possible, so a winner is determined and rankings can be updated accordingly.

You will investigate different approaches to this problem (Docker, cloud-based, openai-gym, …) and determine which one will be implemented in the AI Battlegrounds platform. 

Deze stageopdracht is geschikt voor studenten uit de richting:

Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica - Applicatie-ontwikkeling (Keuzetraject AI & Robotics)
Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica - Applicatie-ontwikkeling (Keuzetraject Full Stack Development)


Verdere omschrijving van technische omgeving

Frontend: web-based platform with login, model upload for specific game, ranking displays, possibility to start or play a game.

Backend: keeps track of users and rankings, calls service to determine rankings.

Service: unknown platform that can let AI-models play against each other to determine a winner and update rankings accordingly. Possibly using openai-gym or other existing frameworks.

At all times, you should keep in mind that a game has to be played ‘headless’ in the service, as part of the ranking process, but also in the frontend. Both should be controllable by the same AI-models, so using the same technology/framework/library is advised.

Randvoorwaarden (rijbewijs, Engels, voorkennis, …)

We need one general AON junior-colleague with sufficient knowledge about web-based technologies and a focus on problem solving.

Furthermore, an AI & Robotics junior-colleague will join the team to take care of all AI-related components, like model inference, training demo models and connecting AI services and environments to the platform.

Thesis can be written in English, but this is not an absolute requirement, Dutch is an option as well.

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