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Korte samenvatting van de stageopdracht:  

There Is a need for a web application to use during interviews and to demonstrate certain automation technologies. In a first phase, the web application only needs a front-end. This front-end will be a small video store were customers can add an account and rent different assets (videos/series).

It is also important to have an admin page. This page Is not visible for the user. There should also be a section to turn certain bugs on or off. These bugs will affect the website or better simulate the effect of a real bug in the field. Because the web app will run on a web server these bugs should be emulated so that they won't Impact the real webapp in terms of crashing the webserver. 

Korte samenvatting van de onderzoeksopdracht:  

What automation technologies are currently used in the market? What technologies are best used in our assignment and why?

Deze stageopdracht is geschikt voor studenten uit de richting:
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Bachelor Elektronica ICT

Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica - Applicatie-ontwikkeling (Keuzetraject AI & Robotics)
Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica - Applicatie Ontwikkeling (Keuzetraject Full Stack Development)
Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica - Software Management
Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica - Systeem en netwerkbeheer

Bachelor Toegepaste Informatica - Switch2IT 


The following tasks will be your responsibilities:

·       Development of the frontend in react/JavaScript

o   Use the youtube api to create content on the web app

o   Use react technology to create a beautiful web app

o   Build a CI/CD chain


·       Write E2E tests for the web app

·       Emulate bugs in the web app

Must Have

You need to have the following qualifications:

·       Good programming skills In Javascript/typescript

·       Experience in React or other frontend technologies will be a plus

·       A grasp on coding principles to write clean code

·       Experience in dotnet core will be a plus (our backend)

·       Any experience with test automation tools 

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