I-Talent Seminarie: Snowball

Getting started with Blazor apps / Advanced concepts in ASP.NET Core apps

Getting started with Blazor apps

Blazor is an all-new framework built to allow developers to use C# on the server and on the client (yes, in the browser). In this session, we will explore what Blazor is, what it can do and how you can build apps with it.

Advanced concepts in ASP.NET Core apps

ASP.NET Core is a powerful framework that has so many advanced features on board, it would take us days to look at all of them. That’s a bit too long, so in this session, Gill will explain you some of these more advanced features that you may not know are part of ASP.NET Core today.

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19/02/2020 (onder voorbehoud)

09u00 - 12u00

@PXL, Gebouw B, B323

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